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Dentist in Boulder Saves Smiles with Necessary Extractions

April 5, 2017

Filed under: General Dentistry — @ 10:01 pm

There are two words that can bring any man to his knees: tooth extraction. There’s actually no reason to fear visiting your dentist in Boulder for a tooth extraction, though! Sage Dental Care is here to help relieve your pain and fix the dental problems you’re faced with, not add on to them! If you’re unsure if you’ll be needing a tooth extraction, review this post to see if you fit any signs or symptoms.

How do I know if I need my tooth to be pulled?

It’s true that majority of our patients put their best efforts into practicing good oral hygiene. When we say “good oral hygiene,” we mean brushing twice a day, flossing, and visiting your dentist for routine dental visits. By practicing these healthy habits, your smile is receiving the preventive care that it needs and deserves.

If at any point, you deviate from practicing good dental practices, consume way too much sugar, alcohol, or tobacco you may cause your teeth to become weak. Severely damaged teeth, overcrowded teeth, or infected teeth will need to be examined by your dentist. If you need emergency dental care, one of our dentists will perform a tooth extraction in Boulder for the sole purpose of protecting the rest of your teeth from damage, decay, or infection.

Teeth That Are Damaged

Decaying teeth can be treated in several ways. If you waited too long to seek treatment, pulling that tooth becomes a very real possibility. If you leave a damaged tooth in your smile too long, it may further chip or crack and leave your surrounding teeth and gums vulnerable to infection from harmful dental debris.

Teeth That Are Overcrowded

As you grow, your smile shifts and changes. This is a fact that’s simply out of your control. Sometimes, your teeth can grow into the incorrect positions, making them useless. Sometimes, if your teeth are positioned wrong, they can be distracting to the functionality of the rest of your smile. If teeth are too big to fit within your mouth comfortably, they could block your other teeth from developing correctly.

Extracting the problem tooth can give your other teeth the space they need to straighten and develop correctly. A good example of this is before a patient begins their orthodontic treatment. Your dentist in Boulder may make room for their teeth to straighten into the right positions by extracting an overcrowded tooth.

Teeth That Are Infected

Bad dental bacteria can infect a tooth down into the tooth root if it’s left untreated for too long. If the root of your tooth becomes infected—and you’ll know because it’s extremely painful—it can easily spread to surrounding natural teeth. Normally, your dentist will recommend root canal therapy. But in some cases, the damage is so extensive that the root canal will not nearly be as effective as it needs to be. This is when pulling the tooth becomes necessary to save the rest of your teeth from infection and possibly falling out.

How can we save your teeth?

If we notice a particularly problematic tooth, we will inform you if it may need to be extracted. Of course, Sage Dental Care will explore all other therapeutic and restorative options first, but if it is necessary, we will recommend pulling the tooth to save the rest of your teeth. These extractions are standard and it’s a service we routinely provide to our patients that absolutely need it. Contact our office today! We can’t wait to help protect the longevity of your smile.

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