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Learn All About Saving a Smile with a Tooth Extraction!

October 20, 2017

Filed under: General Dentistry — @ 9:34 pm

cute teeth drawingThe holidays are mostly about having fun and making memories with loved ones—especially if you’re about flying back home to visit family. What can ruin a great holiday break is persistent, excruciating tooth pain from wisdom teeth erupting. Why suffer from that unnecessary discomfort and potential health risks when you could explore a tooth extraction in boulder? Your dentists have training and resources you need to pleasantly eliminate pesky dental problems.

Gearing Up for a Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes severely damaged, overcrowded, or infected your dentist will perform a tooth extraction. This might not sound ideal, but an extraction could save the rest of your smile. This is the last option to be explored because dentists to save your teeth—not pull them all out! Before you move forward with getting a tooth extraction, be sure to communicate with your dentist these things:

  • Your complete medical history.
  • Medications or supplements your currently taking.
  • History of heart issues or man-made heart valves.
  • Impaired immune system.
  • Liver disease
  • Artificial joint.
  • History of bacterial endocarditis.

3 Reasons Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction


A tooth may be damaged by a trauma, leaving your neighboring your teeth and gums susceptible to infection. This could lead to tooth loss. Pulling your natural teeth becomes a very real possibility if tooth decay has taken over the tooth so that other teeth don’t become infected.


Sometimes, your teeth can grow into the wrong positions which can dramatically decline oral health. If teeth are too big to fit in the mouth as they’re supposed to, they may block other teeth from growing into their correct places as well. Extracting the problem tooth can give your natural teeth the space to grow in their correct places.


Cracked, chipped, or decaying teeth are more susceptible to infection from dangerous bacteria and debris in our mouths. If the pulp (root below the gum line) of your tooth becomes infected, it can easily spread to your other natural teeth. Normally, a dentist would recommend root canal therapy, there are cases where root canal therapy isn’t as effective if it needs to be to save your smile.

Have you been experiencing some pain in a tooth or extreme sensitivity? You may have a dental emergency like an infected tooth that needs to be extracted. Get help from your local dentist.

About Our Office

Here at Sage Dental Care, we believe in conservative dentistry, meaning that our dental experts will try to save your natural teeth whenever possible. If there is a time that a tooth does need to be pulled, your dentist in Boulder can perform comfortable extractions. In fact, we take pride in helping people look better and feel better with a healthy smile.


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