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How Your Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder Straightens Teeth Without Braces

May 10, 2018

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A woman removing her clear aligners.In the past, patients were forced to undergo a long and difficult process of wearing traditional metal braces, regardless of the level of misalignment in their mouth. This caused many patients to not seek orthodontic treatment in the first place, leaving them with gaps, misalignment, and often poor bites, increasing their chances of negative symptoms associated with it later in life.

In some cases, adult patients may have had braces previously, only to relapse because they didn’t wear their retainers. Today, your cosmetic dentist in Boulder says nearly all patients are candidates for clear aligners from Invisalign!

What is Invisalign? How Does it Work?

Invisalign partners with dental practices across the country to provide it’s very own line of thermoplastic clear aligners. These custom-made trays are specifically designed to apply small amounts of pressure to targeted areas of your smile, shifting them into a straighter and healthier position. Each set is catered to your unique case and each pair is worn for a couple weeks at a time. When enough time has passed, you simply move on to the next pair in the set. This makes it an ideal alternative to metal braces, which often require learning new oral care techniques and changing your diet to accommodate them.

Since clear aligners are removable and transparent, patients can achieve a straighter smile without needing to change their oral care technique or their diet. The name “Invisalign” is appropriate since the clear aligners are barely noticeable when worn. This makes them perfect for adults who want to maintain a professional lifestyle while still undergoing orthodontic treatment.

How Long is Treatment?

The length of the treatment changes on a case-by-case basis. It depends on how familiar your dentist is with using clear aligners, how complex your realignment is, and, most importantly, how committed you are to wearing your clear aligners. Effective treatments require patients to wear them between 20 and 22 hours a day. That means wearing them while asleep and only removing to eat, drink, or practice regular oral care.

On average, treatment with Invisalign takes between 12 and 18 months to complete. This is much shorter than the typical treatment for braces, which often requires a minimum of 18 months to see any results. Considering the added benefits you get with clear aligners, it’s easy to understand which treatment is worth your time and commitment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Most patients are good candidates for Invisalign, so chances are if you have misaligned teeth, your cosmetic dentist in Boulder can accommodate you. Patients whose teeth are still developing should hold off until it is complete. They should also have any issues of decay or gum disease treated before starting any orthodontic treatment.

Want to confirm your eligibility for Invisalign? Schedule a consultation with your dentist today to see if clear aligners are right for you!

About the Author

Dr. Terry Batliner is more than prepared to help patients straighten their smile once and for all, especially if they aren’t interested in doing so through traditional braces. To learn more about his orthodontic treatments, contact your dentist in Boulder through his website.

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