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How Porcelain Veneers in Lafayette Enhance and Protect Your Smile

June 3, 2018

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An older woman examining her smile.Dentists have spent years trying to find the best material for improving the overall appearance of peoples’ smiles. In the past, composite veneers could not stand up to the daily act of chewing and speaking. These veneers would often chip, crack, or even completely fall off. Today, the materials used for veneers have changed significantly, causing more patients to pursue cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers in Lafayette.

So why do dentists choose porcelain for this treatment? Keep reading to find out!

The Most Natural Appearance

In the past, dentists would often run into the issue of veneers looking unnatural or too perfect. This may sound strange, but because dentists didn’t have the precise customization for veneers back then that they do today, they would often look strange next to natural teeth. Their abnormally white color gave the appearance of “chicklet teeth,” leaving many patients unsatisfied with their treatment.

The ceramics used to make up porcelain can be custom-blended and shaped to match your existing teeth exactly, but porcelain’s properties don’t stop there. It’s also naturally translucent, meaning light shines through it very similarly to natural teeth. Porcelain changed the way dentists think about dentistry entirely, including for restorative treatments like dental crowns.

Durability You Can Rely On

Since patients often want to cover stains they’ve developed over the years, it’s a nice bonus that porcelain is naturally stain-resistant. This is because porcelain is not naturally porous like tooth enamel, making it more difficult for stains to seep into and leave discoloration. Porcelain is also naturally resistant to chemical erosion and thermal shock, making it actually more durable than tooth enamel in this way.

Furthermore, porcelain is pretty high on the Mohs Scale, which is used to determine the hardness of certain minerals. For reference, diamond is ranked the hardest at ten, while dental porcelain is ranked as seventh. Hardness is incredibly important for daily use and is exactly why veneers can last for at least ten years before needing replacement. It’s also biocompatible, meaning the body won’t reject it once placed. As long as you practice daily oral care and visit the dentist regularly, your porcelain additions shouldn’t run into any problems.

A Solution for Many Cosmetic Issues

In most cases, porcelain veneers in Lafayette can solve all cosmetic issues in your smile simultaneously. If you have any of the following issues you need to address, they just might be the solution for you. Common issues include:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Severe discoloration that won’t respond to whitening
  • Gaps in your smile
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Teeth that appear too small due to excess gum tissue

The versatility of porcelain is unmatched, making it one of the most popular materials used in dentistry. To get your smile enhanced and protected, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Lafayette today!

About the Author

Dr. Terry Batliner earned his DDS degree while attending the Dental School at the University of Iowa and the Royal Dental College of Denmark. He uses porcelain for a wide variety of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, especially veneers. To learn more about his practice or cosmetic treatments, contact him through his website.

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