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Emergency Dentist in Lafayette Explains How to Stay Prepared

August 10, 2018

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A child’s mouth bleeding.When your child has taken a bad fall and their mouth is bleeding, do you consider it to be a dental emergency? What if a tooth is knocked out or cracked in some way? How do you know when it’s time to break out the dental kit and contact an emergency dentist in Lafayette? If you aren’t sure, you are not alone. Many people don’t know what constitutes as a dental emergency.

Thankfully, that ends today. Here are the most common ones that dentists encounter.

Bad Toothaches

Toothaches are considered the most common dental emergency out there, but it’s understandable why sometimes it’s hard to know when you should visit a dentist. Before calling, check that no food is stuck in between your teeth and causing the pain. If you still feel pain after cleaning the area, call a practice right away. A staff member will ask you what kind of pain you’re feeling and get you scheduled as soon as possible, ideally the same day.

Tooth pain can easily be a result of decay or even an infection, but you won’t know for sure until you have a dentist examine it closer.

Knocked-Out Teeth

While less common, knocked-out teeth are always considered a dental emergency. However, it’s better to locate the tooth, pick it up by the crown only, gently rinse it, and attempt to place it back into your socket before calling the dentist. Doing this will increase the chances of successfully reimplanting it later. If this isn’t possible, keep the tooth clean and moist by placing it in a container of milk, saltwater, or saliva. Once completed, call a dentist right away to schedule an appointment.

Broken Teeth or Restorations

Cosmetic chips typically don’t require an emergency visit, but teeth or crowns that have broken off should be saved and brought to a dentist. After locating the broken parts, apply a cold compress to the cheek and remove it in 20-minute intervals. This will work to reduce pain and swelling as a result of the injury.

Broken teeth or lost restorations (including fillings) leave teeth exposed to oral bacteria. To avoid the risk of infection, contact an emergency dentist in 80026 right away.

Precautions to Take to Prevent Emergencies

Thankfully, dental emergencies are largely preventable when you take the proper precautions. Whether you’re playing a sport or looking after children, take these tips into consideration:

  • When playing contact sports or dangerous recreational activities, always use a mouthguard.
  • Never use your teeth as a tool. Not only can this cause an emergency, but it damages tooth enamel, increasing the risk of one happening later.
  • When watching children, make sure you always supervise them and don’t let them run while holding dangerous objects (i.e. scissors, pencils, etc.)
  • Visit your dentist every six months to confirm no issues are present with your teeth or gums.

Preventing dental emergencies is easy when you stay prepared. However, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency dentist today if you’re experiencing issues right now!

About Sage Dental Care

To keep you protected and solve your dental issue quickly, Sage Dental Care’s two locations are open five days a week and have early morning and evening hours. The sooner you get your emergency treated, the better off your outcome will be. To get treated for an emergency or learn more about the practice, you can contact them through their Lafayette location’s website.

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