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6 Reasons Why Invisalign in Lafayette is Better Than DIY Braces

September 27, 2018

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry — @ 6:39 pm

Clear invisalign alignersOne of the latest trends buzzing around the internet is for people to attempt to fit themselves with DIY braces. While the do-it-yourself era has been quite helpful in demonstrating how to perform tasks like changing brake lights on vehicles and building bookcases, there are some tasks that should be left to highly-trained professionals. As you continue reading, you’ll learn why Invisalign in Lafayette provided by your dentist is a much safer and more effective option for correcting your bite woes than experimenting at home.

Would You Put This in Your Mouth?

When you review the material-list for a typical DIY braces project, the thought of placing these components in your mouth should be quite alarming. Here’s what is recommended:

  • Superglue
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Rubber bands
  • Hair elastics
  • Dental floss
  • Jewelry-making bracelet beads
  • Paper clips

The above list seems more like the layout for a sixth-grade science project than an orthodontic treatment. Thus, it’s best to leave such a task to a professional.

6 Reasons Why DIY Braces are a Bad Idea

Here are 6 negative results of trying to fit yourself with braces:

  • Any Results Will be Temporary – If you are lucky enough to get any results from the DIY method, they will more than likely be temporary. Moving your teeth is just one part of orthodontic treatment. There must also be a method for retaining the new position to allow the bone to set.
  • Possible Tooth Loss – Moving your teeth is a very delicate process that requires expert care. Thus, improperly applying force can lead to tooth loss.
  • A Chance of Gum Infection – Correcting your bite doesn’t just affect your digits but also your gums. A trained professional will conduct a sterile procedure to prevent the risk of infection.
  • Altered Speech – Your teeth play a big role in your ability to speak clearly and correctly. Attempting to alter your bite at home can improperly move your digits and further hinder your pronunciation.
  • Emotional Trauma – Your dentist in Lafayette also warns that investing energy in an at-home orthodontic treatment could leave you emotionally distraught from any failed attempts to correct your bite.
  • Unnecessary Costs – One of the main reasons people try to perform orthodontic treatment at home is to save money. The irony is that taking such a route could actually lead to greater costs, as your dentist may have to correct a new set of problems.

Invisalign – Safer and More Effective

Instead of guessing and taking risks with paper clips and super glue, you can enjoy a corrected bite and beautifully remade smile with the Invisalign method. The process starts with your dentist capturing digital X-Rays and bite impressions of your teeth. Then the measurements are sent to a lab that will fabricate a complete set of aligners to your dentist’s specifications.

You’ll wear each set of aligners for two weeks and then discard them for the next pair in the sequence, and by the end of your treatment period, you’ll have a smile that will last along with properly functioning teeth.

To learn more about the process, reach out to schedule a consultation today.

About the Author

Dr. Terry Batliner earned his dental degree from the University of Northern Colorado Dental School at the University of Iowa and has since remained dedicated to caring for his patients in a tedious manner. Dr. Batliner provides a safe and effective way to correct bite woes with Invisalign at Sage Dental Care, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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