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7 Tips to Ensure Your Treatment with Invisalign in Westminster is Successful

February 4, 2019

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a woman with Invisalign braces

You’ve learned you need braces, so instead of sporting a mouth full of wire brackets, you decide to go the less painful and more aesthetically pleasing route with Invisalign aligners. Just like traditional braces that promise a beautiful, straight smile, you want to make sure you’ve made a good investment with these clear aligners. The question is, how can you make sure your treatment with Invisalign in Westminster is successful? Here are some useful tips that may just have you feeling more at ease with your decision.

The First 48 Hours

The first two days with aligners are incredibly important. Make sure to abide by the 48-hour instructions provided by your dentist. This means only taking them out to brush your teeth, and then immediately putting them back in.

Care Enough to Commit

This is often one of the hardest adjustments people will need to make with Invisalign aligners. Unlike traditional braces that don’t allow for removal, these clear braces can be easily removed at any time. It is important to wear them for at least 22 hours each day to achieve positive results.

Aligner Maintenance 101

Cleaning the trays with warm water and antibacterial soap is the best way to go. Don’t use toothpaste on your trays, as it can scratch the plastic. This means bacteria can go grow in the scratched areas. Yuck!

Follow the Rules, In Order and On Time

When ordered by your dentist in Westminster to change out the aligner, do it. Also, if he instructs you to let your aligners sit for a longer period of time, make sure you let them sit. Your dentist knows what your teeth need, so don’t attempt to quicken your treatment by putting in different trays until you’re told to.

H20 is Your Friend

You’re going to want to drink a lot of water. Your mouth knows something different is living inside it, so with some people, they will produce extra saliva and become dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking lots of water and try to stay away from sugary snacks and acidic beverages because of their ability to cause decay.

Prevent Bacteria by Flossing Every Day

Don’t underestimate the importance of flossing. We all know it’s important for good oral hygiene, but with Invisalign aligners, it’s imperative. Aligners contain anything left after you brush, and it sits against your teeth, preventing saliva from doing its job, so make sure you are flossing and removing all the debris and bacteria from your mouth each day.

Don’t Sabotage Your Efforts

Once your treatment is complete, don’t sabotage all that hard work by avoiding your retainer. For a few months after you are done with your Invisalign aligners, you should wear your retainer all day. Once instructed by your orthodontist, you’ll begin wearing it at night, just make sure you don’t miss any follow-up appointments.

Keep your teeth and your Invisalign aligners clean and healthy by using these tips. If done correctly, your treatment will be a success, and your smile will be straighter than ever before.

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