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5 Tips From Your Dentist in Boulder on How to Maintain a Bright Smile

March 10, 2019

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Maintaining a bright smile that you’re proud of is important to you. Your friends know you best for lighting up a room every time you grin from ear-to-ear, and you don’t want to lose that. But lately you’ve noticed your smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, and you’re not exactly sure why. There are so many reasons your teeth could be stained that you’re not sure why this is happening. What can you do about it? Your dentist in Boulder offers you 5 ways to naturally maintain healthy white teeth. 

Avoid Foods and Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

There are countless amounts of food that can stain your teeth over time. In order to keep your teeth white, you should reduce your intake of foods and beverages like:

  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Black tea
  • Dark sodas
  • Tomato sauce
  • Candy
  • Berries

Additionally, steering away from using tobacco products can not only improve your overall health, but can also keep your teeth from developing even more stains.

After Eating, Rinse With Water

It’s fine to indulge in foods that have the potential to stain your teeth, don’t worry! A good thing for you to do afterward is to swish around plain water in your mouth to help clear it of food debris, germs, and disrupt bacteria that could be stuck to your teeth. Rinsing for just 30 seconds can help keep your teeth bright. In addition, brushing your teeth after you consume these items is also beneficial.

Eat Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

There are many easily-accessible foods out there that can benefit both your oral and physical health. Eating crunchy and fibrous vegetables can help produce saliva to rinse away bacteria. Also, since they’re fibrous, they can help scrub away tartar and plaque and keep your teeth white.

While citrus can help whiten your teeth, the acid from them can also have corroding effects on your enamel. It’s best to rinse with water after you eat citruses like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. Foods that can help strengthen your enamel like white dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese, can also whiten your teeth. Some other teeth-friendly foods are apples, nuts, chicken, turkey, broccoli, and kale.

Have a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Practicing good oral hygiene may seem like an obvious thing to keep your smile bright, but are you doing everything you’re supposed to? On top of brushing twice a day, you need to floss in order to remove food particles that could cause bad breath. It’s also a good idea to use anti-bacterial mouth rinse help control bacteria buildup. If you don’t have great oral hygiene, the foods and drinks that you consume can easily stain your teeth because they’re not being brushed or cleaned afterward.

Visit Your Dentist for Your Semi-Annual Checkups and Cleanings

Visiting your dentist every six months is the easiest way to ensure that your oral health is up-to-par and your smile stays clean and white. While your toothbrush can remove some tartar and debris, nothing is as comprehensive as a professional dental cleaning. Your cosmetic dentist in Boulder will be able to remove hardened plaque and tartar from the little nook and crannies that you aren’t able to get to at home. Plus, you have the option of getting affordable teeth whitening treatments that will make sure your teeth are bright after just one session.

Changing small stain-causing habits that are a part of your daily routine can do wonders for your grin. Keeping your smile bright and looking clean can give you the confidence to command a room, so it’s worth it!

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