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What Would Happen if You Didn’t Brush Your Teeth?

October 26, 2021

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It makes up the content of our deepest, darkest nightmares; it haunts us daily. No, it isn’t because Halloween is just a few days away. It isn’t because of a scary movie or a ghost in the office. What is frightening us is the thought of what would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth! Most people probably do not give this a second thought. Skip a brush session once in a while, no big deal, right? But, if you are ready to be spooked (tis’ the season), read ahead for some scenarios of what would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth.

Your Teeth Will Fall Out

Woman Covering Teeth

You can probably still hear your parents saying, “if you don’t brush your teeth, they will just fall out!” While this seemed like a crazy exaggeration, it most likely had you heading straight for the bathroom to brush, floss, and gargle. No, all of your teeth won’t fall out . . . all at once that is.

When you skip brushing your teeth, even just once or twice a week, it gives the bacteria in your mouth more opportunities to feast on your enamel. As the bacteria do this, holes begin to form, and tooth decay starts. If you still neglect your oral routine, this tooth decay can become full of the same cavity-causing sugar bugs. Once this happens, an infection can form. It becomes a dental line of dominoes, and it becomes an absolute nightmare to those in the dental field. 

Don’t Mess With Infection

When you are in the habit of brushing your teeth, it becomes easier to notice if something seems awry. Suppose you have an increase in tooth sensitivity, or find yourself with bad breath during the day, or maybe you feel like something may be wrong. It is then an easy call to your dentist to schedule an exam. If you are not brushing your teeth and neglecting this part of your daily routine, it may be difficult to detect when tooth decay begins. For most people, tooth decay starts subtly. It can start with tooth pain or gum sensitivity. Eventually, this will get severe enough to the point of infection. 

When you get a tooth infection, it is no longer an issue of the mouth. Infection can then reach your bloodstream and extremities, and in severe cases, can spread to your brain. When an infection becomes this severe, antibiotics may not be able to help. No, we aren’t trying to write a Halloween horror tale; this is the literal truth.

Prevention is the Cure

We could go on and on for days about the consequences of neglecting your oral health, but instead, we will quote the age-old adage, “Prevention is the Cure.” Not only do we recommend brushing your teeth twice per day for two minutes each time, but we highly encourage scheduling a dentist appointment at Sage Dental Care at least twice per year for a cleaning, exam, and set of x-rays. If it has indeed been a while since you have cared for your teeth, we are offering new patients this initial exam for only $59. Don’t let your teeth get to the point where intervention will no longer be effective. Prevent, prevent, prevent! And you can start by brushing your teeth. 

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