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Caring for Your Teeth During the Holidays

November 30, 2022

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry,Sage Blog — @ 4:46 pm
healthy holiday smile

Happy Holidays! We love this time of year in Boulder—the lights, the snow, the carols. But as dentists, we also know that caring for your teeth during the holidays can get tricky. Everyone is busy shopping and celebrating, or trying very hard not to eat too much candy. Keeping up with daily brushing and flossing […]

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Back-to-School Dental Check-Ups

September 5, 2022

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry — @ 4:21 pm
back to school smiles

The time has rolled around again for the kids to return to their friends, classes, and sugary snacks at lunchtime. As you begin the process to prepare them for the first few weeks of school, we want to encourage you to add one more item to your back-to-school checklist, you guessed it, scheduling a dentist […]

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Types of Dental Emergencies

June 25, 2022

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry,Sage Blog — @ 3:45 pm
tooth pain

Experiencing a dental emergency can be incredibly traumatic. No matter what your age or whether you are the patient or not, dental trauma can be painful, sudden, and can cause panic. At Sage Dental Care, we are here for all of your dental emergencies, no matter what they are or when they happened. Not all […]

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The Best 5 Things You Can Do (or Stop Doing) for Oral Health

April 12, 2022

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry,Sage Blog — @ 10:08 pm
oral health month

If you landed on this blog, chances are you are searching for the best ways to get healthy – including optimizing your dental health. Sadly, some people assume that they can brush their teeth daily and eliminate their need for a dentist. There are many things you can do to get or maintain a healthy […]

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Do You Have Sinus Pressure or a Toothache?

March 15, 2022

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry,Sage Blog — @ 11:20 pm
toothache girl

Whether you are suffering from a sinus infection or tooth pain, chances are your daily life is being affected. While these two ailments may seem to be harmless, they can easily turn more serious and require medical or dental intervention. It can be difficult to know where the pain is coming from when it gets […]

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How To Stop Nighttime Teeth Grinding

December 21, 2021

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry,Home Blog Listing,Sage Blog — @ 7:55 pm
teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth, commonly known as bruxism, can have serious implications for your oral health. Although it’s expected to grind your teeth now and then, doing so regularly can cause damage and discomfort that lasts all through the day. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth when sleeping. Read on to find […]

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What Would Happen if You Didn’t Brush Your Teeth?

October 26, 2021

Filed under: Dental Health Information,General Dentistry,Sage Blog — @ 6:43 pm
Woman Covering Teeth

It makes up the content of our deepest, darkest nightmares; it haunts us daily. No, it isn’t because Halloween is just a few days away. It isn’t because of a scary movie or a ghost in the office. What is frightening us is the thought of what would happen if you didn’t brush your teeth! […]

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6 Ways To Combat Teeth Grinding

May 17, 2021

Filed under: General Dentistry — @ 10:27 am
Girl Grinding her teeth

Bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding, is when grinding and clenching of the teeth happens involuntarily. This forceful grinding usually occurs while asleep, and since the person is not aware, the pressure can be up to 250 pounds of force! Sleep bruxism is most common in children, adolescents, and young adults, but can affect people […]

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How to Find the Right Dental Hygiene Plan

March 22, 2021

Filed under: General Dentistry — @ 11:18 am
toothbrush, toothpaste, and rinse for dental hygiene

Dental hygiene needs to be an important part of your daily routine. Just like fitness, skincare, hair, and nutrition routines, your oral health should also be a priority. But developing a healthy relationship with your dental hygiene routine is easier said than done! Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help you create […]

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Tips to Maintain Oral Health During a Pandemic

January 18, 2021

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry,General Dentistry — @ 7:36 am
Woman brushing her teeth

We all put off appointments in 2020. But it’s important to not neglect your dentist appointments, even during a global pandemic. Most offices have regulations, procedures, and guidelines set in place to protect their staff and patients. Routine dentist appointments are necessary for removing plaque, preventing any decay, and receiving your normal cleaning. We recommend […]

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