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How Can I Improve The Way My Smile Looks?

Cosmetic Dentistry

woman with beautiful smileA bright, beautiful smile can speak volumes about its owner. After all, it’s one of the first things people notice about you upon first meeting – it’s important to make the best impression possible. If you’re struggling with teeth that are stained, damaged, or otherwise imperfect, our team at Sage Dental Care can provide dazzling cosmetic improvements. We’ll work together with you to formulate a personalized makeover plan that takes your budget, level of time commitment, and personal goals into account. Contact any of our locations in Lafayette or Boulder, CO to get started!

How Can I Close Spaces Between My Teeth?

Porcelain Veneers & Lumineers

close up of woman in blue sweaters smileFor patients who would like to enjoy a more uniform smile without needing to undergo years of traditional orthodontic treatment, veneers could be the best option available. This cosmetic solution creates a comprehensive transformation for your smile, hiding years of not only spaces, but stains, chips, and cracks behind a revitalized, natural appearance. At Sage Dental Care, we offer two forms of veneer treatment:

  • Traditional porcelain veneers are designed to be thin enough to fit over the visible surfaces of your teeth. Their appearance and durability is top-notch, but they do require some natural tooth enamel to be removed, which makes the procedure essentially permanent.
  • Lumineers are a form of veneer that’s even thinner than its traditional counterpart – about the width of a contact lens. This allows our team to effectively place the restoration without significantly altering existing teeth, allowing patients to return to their natural smile in the future if they so wish. However, the final effect may not be as lifelike or as durable as the traditional model.

Our doctors will be happy to work with patients and help them determine which veneer option is right for their personal situation, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

How Do I Make My Teeth Whiter and Brighter?

Teeth Whitening

man in grey shirt smilingSmiles become discolored for a variety of reasons over time, including diet, hygiene, genetics, and even plain old age. If you’re looking for a way to shine with more confidence, talk to our doctors about our at-home teeth whitening treatment. Lightning-fast with dramatic results- the at-home whitening system is available for patients who want a brighter smile – in fact, you can improve your teeth by several shades in just a few weeks! All the patient has to do is wear their high-grade whitening gel and oral trays together for a certain amount of time each day whenever they’re able to until they reach their desired level of whitening.

How Can I Fix Teeth that Have Chips and Cracks?

Dental Crowns, Inlays & Onlays

woman giving thumbs upToday, restorative treatment and cosmetic improvements can become one and the same with metal-free restorative work at Sage Dental Care. Our doctors are happy to offer all-ceramic dental crowns, inlays, and onlays for repairing tooth decay or damage. These materials are highly natural-looking, surprisingly durable, and very comfortable within the mouth. Their biocompatible nature is also safer for patients who’ve struggled with sensitivities and/or outright allergies to common dental metals in the past.

I Think I might Need Braces. What Do You Offer?


Young woman with bracesThere are plenty of patients who could benefit from orthodontic work, but they’re just not willing to undergo years of wearing traditional metal braces. This is understandable, and our doctors are happy to offer an aesthetically friendly alternative: Invisalign. Invisalign does away with the wires and brackets entirely, providing clear, customized plastic aligners instead that blend right in with your natural look. All the patient has to do is wear each aligner for a certain amount of time (usually a couple of weeks) before switching to the next in the set, creating gradual, beautiful improvements for their smile over a period of months.