Dental Crowns

As we age, many of us become familiar with one of the most common dental restorations: the crown. People can be apprehensive of them, as they are a more extensive procedure and much more expensive than a simple filling.

Have you ever gone to a new dentist and felt like he was pressuring you into getting crowns and other expensive treatments for your teeth? Unfortunately, this is all too common. If you are looking for dental crowns Lafayette Co, we are happy to talk to you about when it is appropriate to consider them.

If you want to be better informed when deciding whether to get a crown, check out our blog “Do I Really Need a Crown: Five Things You Should Ask”

At Sage Dental, we take the expense of dental crowns seriously and are committed to recommending them only when we feel that they are truly the best treatment option for you. Often they are used when a tooth has cracked, very commonly caused by the habit of grinding your teeth. Sometimes a tooth has decayed to the point that there is not enough natural tooth left to hold a filling.

When you look at one of your back teeth, what shows above the gun line is what is replaced by a crown.  Your tooth is prepared and the crown is placed over the tooth and looks and feels like a brand new tooth.

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